Month: August 2021

Some Cool Insects Found Where I Live!

The Luna Moth (Actias Luna): One of these beautiful silk moths landed on my pants leg and stayed there while I was walking early in the morning. It’s wingspan was about 10 cm. or 4 in. across and it was a male. I am not sure why it was there because they are attracted to…


Bee wings are made of chitin and move with aerodynamics that are swivel and twist similar to that of a helicopter.  Bee hair is great for collecting pollen and regulating the body temperature of the bee. It is thought that bees evolved around the same time as flowering plants, would eat pollen and nectar, and…

Darwinian Demon

A Darwinian demon is a hypothetical organism that is able to maximize all aspects of its fitness simultaneously. It can reproduce immediately after birth, produces the maximum number of young, and lives indefinitely. No such organism exists, but biologists use this concept in thought experiments concerning life history strategies (such as giving birth to many…

“If people are good only because the fear punishment and hope for a reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed.” -Albert Einstein

This is right. True love is unselfish, not dependent on rewards and punishment. If one were to rely upon rewards and punishment, we would be no better than programmed robots.

One Republic – Say

I have always like this band. They are one of the few bands that I have seen in concert. I saw One Republic in concert at Red Rocks amphitheater in Colorado with Steven. I was so happy being there with him while listening to our favorite band!

Favorite Art Songs

Some of my Art songs are: “If Music Be the Food of Love” by Henry Purcell/Henry Heveningham “American Lullaby” by Gladys Rich “Sure on This Shining Night” by Samuel Barber/James Agee

Voices – Yoko Kanno

I love singing this song.


Delusions are beliefs that reflect an abnormality of thought processes. They are usually bizarre and completely unrelated to conventional cultural or religious belief systems, or a person’s intelligence. Sometimes they are categorized according to their theme. For example, schizophrenics will often believe that an external force is controlling their thoughts or actions (delusions of control)….


Cryptozoology is the study of and conservation of unknown animals. It involves educating and encouraging people to learn about natural history. Sadly, today’s test-driven educational system is causing social changes that make it very difficult for children and adults to learn about the natural world and Cryptozoology. Without amateur naturalists we would have never had…


My favorite and only web comic that I read is called Minus. Minus is it’s an award-winning, controversial, fantasy/humor web-comic about a young girl named minus who has the power to change almost anything in the world around her. She has turned a library into a pirate ship, swam with mermaids, become the ruler of…