Month: May 2021

Solving Crime Using Forensic Evidence

According to this article, “The Science Behind Solving Serious Crime” on the King’s College London website (, new ways of solving crimes are being developed. Instead of just doing things like examining fingerprints, performing, blood tests, and other evidence at the scene of the crime, scientists are now investigating how insects can be used to…

Types of Tea

I’ve always liked tea and have heard that it has many health benefits, especially because of the healthy antioxidants found in them. Therefore, I have decided to find out more about the different types of tea and how they are made. As it turns out, they can all be made from a plant called Camellia…

Worlds Cutest Frog – Desert Rain Frog

Lol, it really does sound like a little squeaky toy. 

Wisdom From Explorers

There is a wilderness within each of us if we choose to seek it. The hope of life is within each breath. Life is exuberant and emerges within the stream of time.

Parallel Universes

Maybe we live in a soap bubble or raisin bread structured universe. The color-shift observed in stars makes it look like everything is moving away from us at once. It would look like that if it were expanding like raisin bread.

The Troll Hunter

ROFL! If you have always wanted to see a horror movie about trolls this is the movie for you! 😆

Nadia Comaneci

My childhood hero.  😀

Pufferfish, Frogs, Plants, Scorpions, Anemones, and Drugs

There are many drugs found in nature that are thought of as useful biological research tools to discover how the channels in neurons function. 1. Tetrodotoxin is found in pufferfish (fugu) and newts. This drug prevents sodium channel activation and the propagation of nerve impulses in neurons causing paralysis and death. The victim is often…

The Last Unicorn ~ “That’s All I’ve Got To Say”

I love this movie. A brave unicorn and magician fight an evil king who is obsessed with capturing the world’s unicorns.

How to Make Sukiyaki Video (Japanese Beef Hot Pot Recipe)

I love this show, “Cooking With Dog”. They have some really great stuff on it.