Month: March 2022

Lil Sis Nora Makes Funny Music Videos

Hole in My Roof: Llama In My Living Room: Rave In the Grave:

Our Box Turtle – Lunch

Our box turtle is adorable. She enjoys eating insects, ham, fruits, and vegetables. She us not very shy around people, does not bite, and is an sweet animal. I am so glad that my husband saved her when her forest was destroyed by construction. Our little boys love her as well.

Biltmore Estate – North Carolina

Biltmore was lovely. The air was so clean and smelled like sweet flowers. Steven and I walked all over the place. I love old houses and beautiful gardens. The gardens remind me of Marian gardens, filled with prayer. I hope to be able to take our sons to visit such places one day,

Steins; Gate

Steins; Gate is a well done, time travel anime! It is also an interactive visual novel. I have never read one of those, but it sounds a lot like a “choose your own adventure” book. Finally, it is known as a science adventure game with a non-linear plot line. This story seems very interesting and…


I believe that these little insects are adorable, even if their larva are parasitoids to bee larva. They look like little, yellow, flying fuzzballs with long noses.


This is fascinating, action-packed, movie about an autistic girl who is a martial arts genius! In the movie she tried settle her sick mother’s debts by seeking out the ruthless gangs that owe her family money. This movie is called chocolate because the main character likes to eat chocolate M&M-like candies. That is the only…

Totoro Rice Ball Snacks

I was able to taste a tuna rice ball for the first time when I went to an airport in Japan. They were awesome! I saw this picture of Totoro rice balls. They look cute and delicious! I need to learn how to make these snacks. This looks like a good recipe:

10 Characteristics of Interesting People

1. When they take some risks 2. When the like themselves 3. When they are interested in other people and many different activities 4. Their uniqueness (having their own story) 5. When they read a lot 6. When they are funny 7. When they are great listeners 8. When they have their own style and…

Some of My Favorite Artists

Dali: “I know what the picture should be … We take a duck and put some dynamite in its derriere. When the duck explodes, I jump and you take the picture.”Halsman: “Don’t forget that we are in America. We will be put in prison if we start exploding ducks.”Dali: “You’re right. Let’s take some cats…

Robot Turtles Board Game Used To Teach Preschoolers How To Code This little turtle board game is so cute and very innovative. It teaches young children about the basics of programming.