Month: July 2021


This is a film by Christopher Nolan about a man named Leonard Shelby who has anterograde amnesia, which impairs his ability to create memories of facts and events (declarative memory). Leonard develops a system for recalling his memories using hand-written notes, tattoos, and Polaroid photos. He uses this system to take revenge on his wife’s…

“Ich liebe dich, Schätzchen!!” (German for “I love you, my treasure!”)

I love how the German language sounds!

Reverse Graffiti

Reverse graffiti is an art form where the artist cuts through and cleans up grit on walls. The Reverse Graffiti team teams up with the eco cleaner brand GreenWorks to create art like the 140 foot mural on the walls of San Francisco’s Broadway tunnel. I think that this is an excellent idea. What a…

Soy Yo!

This is such a wonderful song about a confident young woman!


This guy knows what he is talking about. I pray that more can be done to help people with ADHD. A solid definition of the condition is a good start.

Don’t Sit Next To Your Wife

A while back I was watching a movie called “Pride and Prejudice”. In this movie a lady, Lady Catherine, scolded a man for sitting next to his wife at a dinner party. She told him to get up and move and that he can not sit next to his wife. At the time, I thought…

Psyche and Eros

The ancient Greeks believed that their souls fluttered away from their bodies in the form of butterflies after death. The Greek symbol for the soul was a butterfly winged girl named Psyche. According to legend, Aphrodite was jealous of Psyche’s beauty. She ordered her son, Eros, to make Psyche fall in love with him. Instead…


Before the days of Aristotle, it was thought that tiny fully formed beings were held inside of the mother’s ovaries and every drop of the father’s sperm. These beings or homunculus had all of parts needed to be a living thing except one, life. The menstrual mother’s blood was thought to contain everything that was…


Your mistakes do not define you. It seems that people often want to know about another person’s mistakes when a person’s mistakes do not define who they are. Truly, we can learn from them, but why not take the more difficult path of learning what to do by looking at actions that one admires instead?…

Some Clouds Have Rainbow Lining

A rainbow colored cloud is what is known as a pileus iridescent cloud. It is formed when smooth clouds form on top of cumulus clouds when cold air rises higher in the atmosphere. It is made up of uniformly sized water droplets that diffract sunlight. It is just another miracle from God.