Month: February 2022

Gustav Klimt

One of my favorite artists is Gustav Klimt. Gustav Klimt was an Austro-Hungarian artist that lived in Vienna during the time of Sigmund Freud (1862 – 1981). Artists of his time did not like his style and called it vulgar. His Nuda Veritas painting is a painting of a woman named Eva who represents a…

Favorite Foods!

These are some of my favorite foods!  😀 1.       crabs 2.       Almond flour chocolate chip cookies 3.       clear soup 4.       sushi 5.       Strawberries 6.       Dark chocolate 7.       water 8.       tea 9.       Peaches and cream oatmeal 10.   eggs 11.   Udon noodles 12.   Steak fajitas 13.   Seafood Pho soup 14.   Korean barbecue 15.   Japanese hot pot 16.  …

Detroit: Become Human

This seems like an amazing science fiction, story game about androids and what it means to be human.

How Can Agreeing To Disagree On Things Be A Bad Thing?

I had always thought that agreeing to disagree on something meant to recognize when one has a differing opinion from another on a subject and understanding that it is simply a matter of differing opinions. Agreeing to disagree can be used to make peace. However, I have very seldom heard of people doing that. One…

Ants in a Möbius strip M.C. Escher

I love this “Ants in a Möbius Strip” piece by M.C. Escher. It is like they are following an endless cycle of twisted planes.

Why Do Runners Run?

There is an excellent story done by NPR about a comic strip called “The Oatmeal” that explains why runners run. As the article says, it begins with a former fatty who is convinced that his fat is coming back. He has been running for hours on a terribly hot day in Japan. He is near…

91-year old Johanna Quaas – World’s Oldest Gymnast

What an amazing lady!

My Favorite TV Shows

Anne With An “E”Gu Family BookOnce Upon A TimeFull Metal AlchemistBleach

What Makes A Person Human?

What makes a person human aside from their genetics, biologically classifying them as a part of the homo sapien species? Surely, there is more to being human than this. Some say that when people are asked to fight in a war it is like asking them to no longer be human for a time. It…


This quote is very true and is the reason why we should always take the big picture into consideration when feeling critical.