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Tori Amos – The Beekeeper

This is such a neat song. Tori Amos said that this album, also called “The Beekeeper”, is about the story of creation from a female perspective. She explains that the Bible is written in a male perspective, but that this is a creative female perspective of how different events could have happened in the Garden…


This project assigns musical pitches to each of the 22 amino acid codons in DNA. This is an example of what the first chromosome looks like.

The Last Unicorn ~ “That’s All I’ve Got To Say”

I love this movie. A brave unicorn and magician fight an evil king who is obsessed with capturing the world’s unicorns. http://youtu.be/k18eQPic8JU

Wizards In Winter Music and Lyrics

Wizards In Winter And so it was in front of this hotelOur angel did finally arriveAnd standing at one corner was a young manWho caught the angel’s eyeHe had a small group of childrenGathered round him thereWho all were quietly listeningWhich for children is quite rareHe was telling them Christmas talesAnd each one brought more…

Little Boots Ballerina and Robots Video To Shake

I love this singer. The dancing robots and ballerinas are spectacular and I love the music! 

George Winston – Japanese Music Box

The song being played is also know as the Itsuki Lullaby. It was “discovered” after people stopped singing it in 1935 by a school teacher in Itsuki Village. The most common version of the song is as follows: Japanese: Odoma bon-giri bon-giri,Bon kara sakya oran-doBon ga hayo kurya,Hayo modoru.Odoma kanjin-kanjin,Anhito-tacha yoka-shuYoka-hu yoka obiYoka kimon’ English:…


Lakmé is a beautiful opera set in late 19th century India during the British colonial rule. During this time the Hindus had to practice their religion in secret. I this opera, the Hindus go to perform their rights in the sacred Brahmin temple under the priest, Nilakantha. The priest’s daughter, Lakmé, and her servant, Mallika,…

Record of Lodoss War Opening

This is an older, fantasy anime, but it is still beautiful!

The Primal Scream – Shout

I think that this song is letting out repressed anger with an impassioned scream. Tears For Fears – ShoutLyrics:Shout, shout, let it all out, these are the things I can do withoutCome on, I’m talking to you, come onShout, shout, let it all out, these are the things I can do withoutIn violent times, you…