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Lil Sis Nora Makes Funny Music Videos

Hole in My Roof: https://youtu.be/THNUuxQc73k Llama In My Living Room: https://youtu.be/l-sZyfFX4F0 Rave In the Grave: https://youtu.be/Zokn4WDPcHE

Psycho le Cemu ‘Yume Kazaguruma’

Psycho people Cemu was an amazing group. It is too bad that they are not together anymore. Their shows look like they would be so much fun. This song is about a strange and very realistic dream that the singer had. He appeared to be shocked by it thought it seemed like an acid trip,…


This is such a beautiful song and video. It sounds like it is telling a love story with everything in it that a love story should have in it. https://youtu.be/WrHDquZ-tj0

30 Songs

How would you answer these questions? 1. Your favourite song  – This is a tough one because there are so many of them that I like, but I say “Nemo” by Nightwish for now. 2. Your least favourite song – A really gross song from a hentai anime video on the internet called Goosh Goosh…

Where are you Christmas?

I’ve found 2 versions of the same song that represent different attitudes about Christmas. Where are you Christmas?Where are you ChristmasWhy can’t I find youWhy have you gone away?My world is changing,I’m rearranging,does that mean Christmas changes too?Where are you Christmas?Do you rememberThe girl you used you know?you and I were so carefree,now nothing’s easy,Did…

A mad Russian’s Christmas – TSO

https://youtu.be/6P9xxJ4V7no This song was a part of the ballet, “The Nutcracker”, by Tchaikovsky. It was played during Act II for the Russian candy cane dancers. However the TSO’s version of this song seems to have a darker tone to it at the beginning. I like this version. It reminds me that things can be stressful…

“Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence”

This is music from a Japanese movie called “Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence”. It is about 4 POWs who are caught in a prisoner of war camp during the World War II. I have never seen this movie, but it seems to have some good actors in it including David Bowie, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and Takeshi Kitano….


I love this video. It is about young woman who knows who she is. With all of the things out there related to people trying to change themselves, even physically through surgeries to look like something they are not, it is not surprising that so many people may not feel like they are human. It…

Christmas Eve Sarajevo

Christmas Eve Sarajevo is a song about a lone cello player playing a forgotten Christmas carol in a war-torn Sarajevo (Bosnia). Wikipedia says that Paul O’Neill explained the story in an interview published on ChristianityToday.com” “… We heard about this cello player born in Sarajevo many years ago who left when he was fairly young…

Kyrie Eleison

This beautiful song used to be played in Christian churches during Harvest celebrations and Advent.