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Tree Frog

I just love the cute little tree frogs! My husband found this one today. It is known as a grey tree frog. https://youtu.be/FSj_fcACvTE


Cryptozoology is the study of and conservation of unknown animals. It involves educating and encouraging people to learn about natural history. Sadly, today’s test-driven educational system is causing social changes that make it very difficult for children and adults to learn about the natural world and Cryptozoology. Without amateur naturalists we would have never had…

Snow Crystals

Snow crystals make the world a more beautiful place. I remember seeing them often while skiing and snowshoeing. They add magic to a winter wonderland.

Gecko Feet

I have always liked geckos. They are fascinating creatures that have inspired people for ages. There are even old myths that say, if you see a gecko, it means that you are safe and someone is watching over you. Today, people are asking different questions about geckos. One of the most obvious ones is, how…

Pufferfish, Frogs, Plants, Scorpions, Anemones, and Drugs

There are many drugs found in nature that are thought of as useful biological research tools to discover how the channels in neurons function. 1. Tetrodotoxin is found in pufferfish (fugu) and newts. This drug prevents sodium channel activation and the propagation of nerve impulses in neurons causing paralysis and death. The victim is often…

Long-Leaf Pine Savannah

I once went on an Ecology trip to a long-leaf pine savannah in. The long-leaf pine savannah is a common ecosystem to south-east Louisiana. It is a fire-dominated ecosystem (it depends on small grass fires ignited by lightning to survive) that has been logged, farmed, and damaged almost to where it has been driven to…

Air Currents

Wings and the ability to move on currents of air have always been a fascinating thing to me. Man is still unable to duplicate the awesome design of a bird’s wing that allows it to navigate through seas of clouds, glide, and hover with such precision and grace. It is a wonder of nature that…

Snowflake Watching

Snowflake watching is an inexpensive, easy, and simple pleasure that anyone who lives in a cold climate can enjoy. All you need is a low-cost, fold-up-magnifier. Every snowfall is different and, in some, you can see gorgeous displays of snowflakes, with each snowflake being different. This exciting activity takes you outdoors searching for inconspicuous treasure…


My butterflies, Ornithoptera priamus poseidon, Priam’s (Priam was the son of the king of Troy.) green bird-wing butterflies. If nothing changed, there would be no butterflies. 🙂 These were a gift from my husband when he went to Australia. 

Sandbox Tree

The sandbox tree (Hura crepitans and H. polyandra) has pumpkin-shaped seeds that explode. They have poisonous seeds, bark, and leaves. It’s trunk is also studded with short, conical prickles. These trees can be found throughout tropical America and the seed capsules were once used by the British as sandboxes for blotting ink.