Month: May 2021

Bacteria Has Harnessed Frozen Water As Weapon

A bacteria called Pseudomonas syringae has the ability to use proteins in their outer membranes to help ice crystals form at warmer than normal temperatures which they, then, use to form frost and invade damaged plant tissue. After these bacteria die, many of these proteins move into the atmosphere where they can alter the weather…


A bolide is an exceptionally large meteor or a shooting star that often explodes and is also called a fireball. I remember seeing one of these as a kid. It was beautiful! Make a wish if you see one! 

Long-Leaf Pine Savannah

I once went on an Ecology trip to a long-leaf pine savannah in. The long-leaf pine savannah is a common ecosystem to south-east Louisiana. It is a fire-dominated ecosystem (it depends on small grass fires ignited by lightning to survive) that has been logged, farmed, and damaged almost to where it has been driven to…

Five Ways To Wear A Scarf

I just love scarves. I have quite the collection of them. Here are some different ways to wear them. They are such lovely articles of clothing. 1. Around your neck 2. Around your waist 3. Around your shoulders 4. In your hair 5. Around your back and elbows

How To Make Glowing Bacteria – Bacterial Genetics – Transformation

The bacterial transfer of genetic material requires either a small fragment of DNA or a plasmid. Plasmids are small DNA molecules that replicate on their own in the bacterial cell. They are used in recombinant DNA technology for many reasons. One reason why they are used is to produce large amounts of needed proteins such…

Build Your Own DNA

The RCSB Protien Data Bank has provided us with a pdf copy of a DNA model that we can print out for free. Click here to see paper DNA model This model is awesome! It comes in color and is just like origami. It’s beautiful and could be used as a great educational…

Best Teachers

“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.” -Alexandra K. Trenfor I think it is great to have teachers and to not let others define you. 

“The Art of War”

“To win without fighting is best.”  -Sun Tzu (“The Art of War”) This was one of my favorite books to read as a kid. It had all kinds of interesting and metaphorical tips in it and great strategies.

Michiko and Hatchin

My , Steven, has found an anime that I like called “Michiko and Hatchin”. This is an anime about a girl, Hatchin (also known as Hana), raised by strict foster parents along with their bullying children and a lady, Michiko, who was framed for murder and escaped from prison. Michiko saves Hatchin from her abusive…


“Her” is a science fiction romance film about a man who develops a relationship with a female voice on a computer with AI. I thought that this film was interesting because we are likely to have technology like this in the future and I think that it is possible for people to fall “in love”…