“Her” is a science fiction romance film about a man who develops a relationship with a female voice on a computer with AI. I thought that this film was interesting because we are likely to have technology like this in the future and I think that it is possible for people to fall “in love” with a machine. I’ve seen documentaries of people who have supposedly fallen in love, as in they were in a romantic relationship, with their cars and thought it very unusual. After all, a real relationship with another person would not be the same as a relationship with a machine. The real person would probably not say the things you want to hear all the time and, unless someone breaks it, the machine can not be hurt.

I would like to see this movie, to see how it turns out. The previews show a picture of a man who is very happy with the relationship that he has with the computer, but I would like to see how everything works out for the character. Would the relationship have depth to it?