My , Steven, has found an anime that I like called “Michiko and Hatchin”. This is an anime about a girl, Hatchin (also known as Hana), raised by strict foster parents along with their bullying children and a lady, Michiko, who was framed for murder and escaped from prison. Michiko saves Hatchin from her abusive foster family and they set off on a journey across a lawless land in search of a man from both of their pasts.

I really liked seeing the friendship between these 2 characters grow. There are some great lessons about friendship and who you can trust in this story and there are always surprises in store. I am happy to have such a well thought out anime.

The art style of the anime is good even though I usually prefer art that is similar to Makoto Shinkai’s work. The anime is still well done and the style of the anime reminds me a lot of  “Cowboy Bebop”.