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“The Garden of Words” Poem

This poem is from the anime, “The Garden of Words” by Makoto Shinkai, a beautifully done film with excellent art work. I love the Tanka poem that was used in it. Below is the English translation of the poem, but, because it was originally in Japanese, the number of syllables in each line is not…

Michiko and Hatchin

My , Steven, has found an anime that I like called “Michiko and Hatchin”. This is an anime about a girl, Hatchin (also known as Hana), raised by strict foster parents along with their bullying children and a lady, Michiko, who was framed for murder and escaped from prison. Michiko saves Hatchin from her abusive…

Record of Lodoss War Opening

This is an older, fantasy anime, but it is still beautiful!