Moyashimon is an excellent, educational series about microbes. However, I do not recommend it for very young people. There are inappropriate scenes in it.

Other scenes involve activities such as someone eating kiviak. Kiviak is a dish native to Greenland’s Eskimos, where an Auk (a sea bird) is fermented inside of a seal and buried underground until advanced decomposition occurs. Once the bird is very rotten, the seal hide is cut open and juices are sucked from the rear of the bird or they can be used as a sauce. Eskimos used to eat kiviak to remedy the problems that they had with vitamin deficiencies.

One learns all kind of things about how one should take care of their gut flora, how the microbes on your skin help protect you from illnesses, how microbes are used to make food, and how microbes are vital to our survival while watching the drama of a college student who has the ability to see and communicate with microbes. His best friend microbe is a Aspergillus oryzae (a type of mold that converts rice starch into fermentable sugars) because he grew up in a family that owns a traditional sake brewing business. The microbes are so adorable. The Aspergillus oryzae always want to brew.

In addition to this being a fun and educational series to watch, one may also purchase plushies and other things that can be bought online that go along with the series.