Month: March 2022

Drug Addictions

Drug addictions are not unique to humans. Some wallabies in Tasmania love to sneak into poppy fields used to grow medicinal opium and eat the poppy straw and sap. Then, once drugged, flail around in circles, damaging the crops. Next, they often pass-out and have to be carried away by people the next morning.  On…

My Favorite Sports

1.       Running 2.       Synchronized Swimming 3.       Rhythmic Gymnastics 4.       Artistic Gymnastics 5.       Gymnastics 6.       Ice Skating 7.       Marathons 8.       Swimming 9.       Biking

Pink Sunrise

All things good and beautiful come from God. You are not alone. He loves us endlessly. Pink Sunrise  On the shores of uncertainty  Doubt creeps in.  I am unlovable, a pain. Melt my hardened heart. Burn away the darkness and  See through the tears. I want to be with you forever, Beyond this veil in…


Motherhood is my holy work here on Earth. I pray that I am able to raise my children to be the men that God meant for them to be and that I am able to teach them how God loves them.

Pacific Rim

This movie was awesome! I love giant robot/monster movies! It was so action-packed and full of adventure and it had a great love story to go along with it.

Photographer, Igor Siwanowicz

I love Igor Siwanowicz’s point of view when it comes to insects and reptiles. “I focuse my attention on those living beings, which people usually dislike and avoid, because these insects are not fluffy and warm-blooded animals. But, certainly, I began working with them not because of this. I am interested in their strange, alien…

Psycho le Cemu ‘Yume Kazaguruma’

Psycho people Cemu was an amazing group. It is too bad that they are not together anymore. Their shows look like they would be so much fun. This song is about a strange and very realistic dream that the singer had. He appeared to be shocked by it thought it seemed like an acid trip,…

Feelings That We Share

What are some of your reasons to love? As human beings we are in communion with one another. We need each other to survive and grow. No man is an island. We are also, despite our flaws, all God’s (the source of all that is good and beautiful) children. These are my reasons to love….

Smokey Mountains

These mountains look like they have a lot of beautiful, mysterious forests in them. They are known in some areas for their fireflies in the summer. In the winter, a cozy home surrounded by snowy mountains with deep forests would be lovely.

The Truth That Sets Us Free

Our purpose is in life is to follow God’s plan, not just to benefit us individually, but for the culmination of all creation itself. Therefore, our cooperation is important and matters, but it is not about us. It is about God, the source of all that is good and beautiful. That is the truth that…