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Totoro Rice Ball Snacks

I was able to taste a tuna rice ball for the first time when I went to an airport in Japan. They were awesome! I saw this picture of Totoro rice balls. They look cute and delicious! I need to learn how to make these snacks. This looks like a good recipe: https://cookpad.com/us/recipes/144842-totoro-rice-balls


Mizukagami is the Japanese word for mirror water. I have heard of mirrors shaped to look like water, but this word could also be referring to water that looks like a mirror. Observing mizukagami is a beautiful way to appreciate our natural surroundings. How wonderful it is to notice that puddles of water everywhere look…

Beautiful Japanese Words

I found some of these words and their meanings on the internet and thought that they were beautiful! Therefore, I decided to post them here. 【愛でる: mederu】‘Mederu’ means appreciating beautiful things, such as nature, flowers and seasonal scenery, and art.The Kanji used in this case would not be the word “watch”, but “love”.The word ‘mederu’…