According to this article, “The Science Behind Solving Serious Crime” on the King’s College London website (, new ways of solving crimes are being developed. Instead of just doing things like examining fingerprints, performing, blood tests, and other evidence at the scene of the crime, scientists are now investigating how insects can be used to answer questions about criminal cases such as when did the victim die.

The main insect used to determine the time of death are blowflies. Blowflies deposit their eggs on wounds, decaying flesh, or matted hair. When the eggs hatch, the larvae feed on the flesh or hair. Knowing more about insects such as the blowflies’ life cycle and its ability to lay eggs in places where there may be barriers, can give forensic scientists important clues about the time of death.

I hope that the research done in this area is able to greatly advance forensic science and I am glad to hear that new ways of investigating and collecting evidence are still being discovered today.