Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be tiny, like a small insect? I believe it would be like living in another dimension.

“Somebody told me once
that if you stand still
in the forest long enough,
you’ll see signs
of a hidden struggle…
raging between forces
of life and decay…” 

– young woman from the movie, “Epic”

These microscopic images (pictures taken by me) might be some of the things that you would see.

Wings of a fly:

This is a yellow flower petal. Check out the xylem tubes.

This is actually a red-orange flower petal. It requires a lot of different pigments to make those colors.

This a squashed, orange berry with a seed in it. You can see the seed coat and part of the embryo in this picture.

Green leaf with chloroplasts.

A purple and yellow flower. Here are some lovely pigments.

Bright, red, flower petal. It, almost, looks like Mars.

It is amazing what can fly out of a flower at you. I am not sure what kind of insect this is.

This is a small drone ant. Chinese legend says that ants are goblin spirits.