Tag: Hope

Trick of the Mind

It can be hard to tell how much our environment influences us sometimes. There is always the question of what if what we are perceiving or feeling is a trick of the mind. A great deal of uncertainty, such as that which comes with having a crushed spirit, broken heart, or little confidence in oneself…

Sleep Under The Stars

Sometimes life stinks and it knocks you over. A good reminder for those times is that you do not have to get up immediately. Instead, roll over for a second and look at the stars. Look at them scattered like sparkling asters across the vast sea of sky, bringing light into the night as shadows…

St. Therese – Life and Death

A famous quote by St. Therese is, “My mission – to make God loved – will begin after my death”. This reminded me of how Hell trembled after the physical death of Jesus on the cross. He defeated death to bring us hope. God loves us. Happy Easter.