It can be hard to tell how much our environment influences us sometimes. There is always the question of what if what we are perceiving or feeling is a trick of the mind. A great deal of uncertainty, such as that which comes with having a crushed spirit, broken heart, or little confidence in oneself can lead us to be easily influenced by our surroundings and other people, sometimes to the point where we could get into trouble, such as what happens to alcoholics etc.

Have you ever looked closely at a broken-hearted person, someone who feels hopeless? They seem as though they would be so easy to walk all over, confused, very open to suggestion even if the suggestion is unreasonable. They may feel as though they have been unjustly treated (which they may have been) or blame themselves, internalizing their doubt. This is dangerous and dark territory where they one vulnerable to persuasion and sickness while facing loneliness at the same time. It is sad to see someone dwell there. I pray that they may find hope.