Month: April 2021

National Poetry Month

Happy National Poetry Month! Here is a new poem that I wrote to celebrate. “Lion Heart” Through shrouded mountains, Starry deserts, And intrepid seas, I will honor you. I lend you my strength, To set you free. Overthrowing adversity, Locks will not stop me. I am your lion heart, Beloved king. -Krystal Smith

White Tea

White tea has a subtle, sweet, and mellow taste that lingers after it is gone. It is made from the young, delicate buds of Camellia sinensis in the mountains of China. It is easy to imagine being in the secret gardens those mountains upon smelling its airy fragrance. White tea stirs the imagination.    

Sandbox Tree

The sandbox tree (Hura crepitans and H. polyandra) has pumpkin-shaped seeds that explode. They have poisonous seeds, bark, and leaves. It’s trunk is also studded with short, conical prickles. These trees can be found throughout tropical America and the seed capsules were once used by the British as sandboxes for blotting ink.

Wicked Plants!

My husband bought this neat book for me called Wicked Plants. He knows that I like plants even though I have never really had much of a chance to grow them. Wicked Plants contains information about plants that kill, maim, and intoxicate and they may be lurking in your backyard. It talks about plants such…

Without a Place and With a Place

Without a Place and With a PlaceWithout a place and with a placeto rest — living darkly with no rayof light — I burn my self away.My soul — no longer bound — is freefrom the creations of the world;above itself it rises hurledinto a life of ecstasy,leaning only on God. The worldwill therefore clarify…

Epic Englishman Teaches A Baby Wolf How To Howl

That is the most adorable little wolf pup! It made cute, little, squeaky noises and learned to howl! 

Happy Easter!

Today we celebrate the fact that all sin, all death, and all evil have been conquered by Jesus, our Lord. He has given all who trust in him the gift of new life. May we rejoice as we strive to follow God’s plan for us as Jesus did and be vigilant in our faith to…

St. Therese – Life and Death

A famous quote by St. Therese is, “My mission – to make God loved – will begin after my death”. This reminded me of how Hell trembled after the physical death of Jesus on the cross. He defeated death to bring us hope. God loves us. Happy Easter.

Eastern Red Bud

I have been learning about some interesting plants lately. One plant is the eastern red bud (Tilia americana). Their flowers are perfect, that is, they have male and female parts in one flower which gives them the ability to self-pollinate or they could be pollinated by bees. They also, sometimes grow directly out of the…

Sea Sparkle

A species of dinoflagellate known as Noctiluca scintillans are a type of bioluminescent algae that lives in the ocean. When an algal bloom occurs, they cause the shores to sparkle. It is a spectacular sight that inspires the imagination, but unfortunately, can also result in the production of substances that are potentially toxic to marine…