Have you ever wondered what a snail sounded like while eating? NPR did an excellent story about a lady in a hospital who received a pet snail as a gift from a friend.

At first, the lady didn’t know what to make of it, but, as her stay in the hospital continued, she learned how fascinating snails could be. She learned that snails are noisy eaters and can eat a whole violet petal in one hour.

Here is a link to the story and a recording of what a snail sounds like when it’s eating.


She also learned that snails have an amazing ability to regenerate teeth. Her snail has around 2,640 teeth with 33 teeth per row.

I once thought about getting my husband a snail while he was in the hospital for stroke-like migraines, but we already had a turtle and I would always go with him and stay with him if he had to stay over night. I didn’t think that he should go there alone when he was not feeling well because he was not always able to speak clearly then. We still never got a pet snail, but maybe one day we will because we now have 2 little boys.