Have you ever had the experience of being frequently reminded that you are not the only one even though you have never complained, have always done your best to help, and tried to be the best person you could? After experiencing that for so long, you’d come to realize that, you’re on your own. Regardless of what the underlying reasons are for the way you were treated, as though you are not so deserving of affection, you have to be responsible, take care of yourself, and find people who care about and want to help you. You have to do what’s best for yourself because, if you don’t take control of your own life, you will be used until’ there is nothing left of you.  

Some may ask what does it mean to be responsible. Could you draw a picture of it? If I were to draw a picture symbolizing what it means to be responsible, I’d draw a picture of the people that I love.

To be responsible is to both take care of yourself and to show compassion towards others, an attribute that is especially important at this time during the COVID-19 pandemic.