How would the world look if you could not hear or see? You would have to depend on your senses of smell and touch. I’ve heard that the other senses are heightened if you lose one or more sense. What would it be like to become very good at understanding a world full of things that you cannot see or hear? Helen Keller says that it is a world full of smells and things learned through a sense of touch.

Imagine if you had to find your way around town and identify places like a bakery by the smell of bread, or know where the store is by how many paces it is from where you are as if you were hunting for treasure? I think I’d want to decorate my house with some nice smelling things like cinnamon, fruit, and flowers.  

There might be a smell horizon, the distance where you can no longer smell. Smells would lightly waft through the air, a constantly changing sea.

Touch, however, would be less transient, and movement, I think, would be easier to see. You could learn to walk with purpose, with a goal, progressing, or you could just be. I bet it would be wonderful to see what moves you and what your graceful or loving steps could bring.