I found some of these words and their meanings on the internet and thought that they were beautiful! Therefore, I decided to post them here.

【愛でる: mederu】

‘Mederu’ means appreciating beautiful things, such as nature, flowers and seasonal scenery, and art.

The Kanji used in this case would not be the word “watch”, but “love”.

The word ‘mederu’ means feeling love about the subject when seeing and enjoying its beauty.

Watashi wa utsukushii hana wo medemasu.

[躾: shitsuke]

There is a word called “shitsuke”, which has been used in Japan since olden times.

In English, “shitsuke” means upbringing or discipline, and involves teaching of behavior that enables people to live in accord with the customs, rules and manners expected of a model person in a society or group.

The word “shitsuke”* consists of two Chinese characters:身 (body) and 美 (beauty). When these two characters are joined together, and therefore mean “to behave beautifully”.
* Many kanji characters originally come from Chinese, but the word “shitsuke” is native to Japan.

【いただきます: itadakimasu】
【ご馳走さまでした。: gochisousama deshita】

The Japanese put both hands together and say ‘itadakimasu’ before meals and start to eat. It is said that this will express the gratitude and thanks to the person who prepared the meal and it says that food that is the blessing of nature.

The Japanese say ‘gochisousama’ or ‘gochisousamadeshita’ after the meal and show the gratitude to the person who prepared the meal with heart.

“Eat without leaving it” 「残さずに食べなさい」(Nokosazu ni tabenasai)

Are words that one’s mother says at meal time to children. The Japanese believe that most food ingredients such as rice, cultivated in a rice field, fishery products, produced from the sea, and edible, wild plants, produced in hills and fields, were obtained from the blessing of nature.

“Thank to the nature and eat without leaving it.”