I read an article once about a lady who was a devote Christian that made a vow of maintaining her purity until she was married in her church along with many other young girls at the age of 10. She kept her vow of purity and got married when she was older.

Being a virgin had become a part of her identity while growing up. As a result, she found that she was dissatisfied with having sex with her husband for years even though he was a kind and understanding man, she loved him, and she wanted to be a good wife. She did not like having sex because it always made her feel sinful and dirty even though her church told her it was ok to have sex after she was married. Because of this, she came to the conclusion that she wished she did not remain a virgin until marriage. 

To me, it sounds like this woman grew up very ignorant of sexuality and may not have learned healthy thought processes with regards to psychosexual health even after she was married. I hear situations like this used to happen to women a lot in the 90’s. They knew so little about sexuality while growing up and, then, even after they were married, they ended up having problems with their sex lives and relationships.

Situations like this one were not very uncommon, though not all women came to the conclusion that they should have not waited to have sex before they were married.

It was good that she had such an understanding husband. I hope that she can learn more about healthy sexual beliefs in her relationship. Perhaps she and her husband need to go to a Christian therapist.