One fine day my sweet husband’s father, Mr. Steve, took Steven and I on a trip to Europe. Hence, we were guided by a funny Dutch captain down the Danube River across many foreign lands. The shores were lined with castles, cottages hidden in trees, and ancient cities.

The cities that we saw were Buda and Pest, Bratislava, Vienna (Austria), Dürnstein, Melk, Linz, Salzburg, Passau, Regensburg, Nuremberg, and Prague. In Prague there was a huge, black statue that some people say comes alive at night in search of his lost love. There was also a funny theatrical performance about inventions and traveling to another dimension. My husband volunteered to participate on stage during the show and, while he was blindfolded, they brushed his hair with twirling combs.

In Germany, we saw statues of lovers entangled in their quarrels on the marriage carousel. Then, in a Gothic Cathedral, my husband and I listened to a monk play a tremendous pipe organ that echoed heavenly music off of the walls and ceiling of the church. This performance was accompanied by singing violins as the candlelight danced on the opulent relics of the sanctuary’s doctrine. Later, we hiked here and there and saw a capybara sunning itself in the warm air. Then, we went to the top of a Majestic mountain to Trifle’s Castle where Richard the Lion Heart was once held captive.  

In Austria, we toured the Hapsburg Palace with its enchanting gardens and lively fountains. Subsequently, in Bratislava, we saw blessed gargoyles guarding the choir’s pews. In Hungary, we listened to traveling musicians and I ate some delicious goulash served inside of a loaf of bread!

The three of us had spent four days exploring exotic lands together and our evenings on the ship eating delicious dinners, while sharing stories, and being entertained. Mr. Steve got up early one morning and went on what sounded like an amazing bicycling trip from one city to the next with a group of cyclists. He seemed like he did very well and I was amazed because I believe that I would have been worn out. This trip was full of beautiful memories. I am glad that I was able to go on this voyage.