I love this movie, “Journey To The West”. It is an action film by Stephen Chow. He was also the person who directed Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer. This beautiful song is the theme song for the movie. In English it says:


My love is gone, she’ll never return.
I silently mourn my lost love.
Though flowers wither
They’ll bloom again
My long-lost love
Is beyond the clouds
Unrequited love
Fills my heart with sorrow
In our lives
We can’t change our destiny
Once we’re parted
We can love no more
Could this be the fate heaven planned for me?

This fun, action-packed movie, with dark undercurrents has a lot of Buddhist themes in it and utilizes classic quotes from Stephen Chow’s Chinese Odyssey.

“Once I had one true love in front of me,
but I didn’t treasure her
it was only when I lost her,
that I felt regretful.
It’s the most painful ordeal in this world.
If I’m given another chance
I will say three words to her
“I love you”
If there a need to put a time limit to this love
I hope it’s ten thousand years”

If you like great Asian films, I highly recommend this one.