The song being played is also know as the Itsuki Lullaby. It was “discovered” after people stopped singing it in 1935 by a school teacher in Itsuki Village.

The most common version of the song is as follows:


  1. Odoma bon-giri bon-giri,
    Bon kara sakya oran-do
    Bon ga hayo kurya,
    Hayo modoru.
  2. Odoma kanjin-kanjin,
    Anhito-tacha yoka-shu
    Yoka-hu yoka obi
    Yoka kimon’


  1. I will be here until Bon Festival
    After Bon Festival, I will not be here.
    If Bon Festival comes earlier,
    I would return home earlier.
  2. I am from the poor families,
    They are from the rich families.
    The rich people wear good belts,
    Wear good clothes.

The Bon Festival is the Japanese Buddhist festival of honoring departed loved ones. People visit and clean their ancestor’s graves and the ancestor’s spirits are supposed to revisit household alters. There is also a dance called Bon Odori that is performed during this 500-year-old tradition.