My husband and I went snorkeling together in El Caribe a while back. The mangroves there have huge patches of lush, underwater grass that tiny sea horses like to hide in. ThereĀ are also some interesting, low tunnels made of trees and water that we snorkeled through in the mangroves. There were not any snakes, so we swam through them and saw different kinds of coral and infant fish.

My husband picked up a sea urchin and an animal called an upside-down jellyfish and handed them to me. They both made an oscillating motion. The sea urchin felt spiny and the jellyfish felt like jelly. I took a picture of the sea urchin’s mouth/butt-hole.

There were many upside-down jellyfish in the mangrove. If the sea turtles knew that they were there they would have a jelly feast!

We swam with many sea turtles. They were cute and the huge, loggerhead sea turtles had not migrated back to the island yet.

I was also able to see plenty of fish, iguanas, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, parrot fish, flounders, and something that resembled a centipede.

We fed part of a banana to a gecko that ran off with it and happily ate it! Lastly, we found numerous feisty hermit crabs.

El Caribe was an amazing place! I would enjoy bringing my sons there to see everything some day.