Being not ugly is not the same as being beautiful. Being not stupid is not the same as being smart. Someone who believes they are not so many things needs the miracle of forgiveness, as we all do, for what we are not. A healthy relationship cannot exist only on the premise of what we are not, even if what we are not is something negative. A good relationship must include what we do and a sincere effort towards what needs to be done. It requires faith in love.

What is good about there being an absence of some quality or being left wanting? What is good here? What is good here is that we all have idiosyncrasies and normal is overrated. There is more to the world than a dark cloud of pollution and it is wonderful to see all of the shades of colors that an artist’s attentive eyes can see, the ability to see what is there, including the surroundings, gradations, and what is good. No doubt there is more out there than preconceived notions lead us to believe.