Archetypes help provide deep structure for human motivation and meaning. We see them in various forms of expression such as art and literature. These imprints are hardwired into our psyches and were disconnected from religion into philosophical terms as “elemental forms” by Plato. In the twentieth century the psychiatrist C.G. Jung called them “archetypes”.

These are a few archetypes that I have heard of and have found to be interesting and great for inspiration:

The Child – unformed and unlearned, innocent and eager

The Mother – nurturing, emotions, and creative impulse

The Father – authority, reason, and logic

Death – growth brings pain, but un-necessary beliefs are weeded out

The Magician – one who searches out the laws of science and/or metaphysics to understand how to transform situations, influence people, and make visions into realities.

The Sage – seeks the truths that will set us free, helps us become wise

The Destroyer – repressed rage

The Lover – helps one experience pleasure, achieve intimacy, make commitments and follow bliss

The Ruler- inspires us to take responsibility for our own lives

The Explorer/Seeker/Wanderer  –  one who braves loneliness and isolation to seek new paths. Can help us discover our uniqueness, perspectives and callings.