What makes a person human aside from their genetics, biologically classifying them as a part of the homo sapien species? Surely, there is more to being human than this.

Some say that when people are asked to fight in a war it is like asking them to no longer be human for a time. It is thought that they are giving up their humanity when they are forced to kill another person during the tragedy of war. The consequences of experiencing such a horror are far reaching and may result in post traumatic stress syndrome and other happenings for generations to come, long after the war is over.

During war, many would say that the enemy is not human, but that reasoning leads me to ask, would they have shot one another if they were? We humans have such a flawed nature and surely would still make terrible mistakes, but it is our humanity that allows us to overcome the temptation to do what is wrong. Therefore, the answer to this question is yes and no while we are here on Earth.