I love learning and encourage people to attend a university and pursue a college degree if they feel that it is for them. Having a degree can help a person better themselves and learn more about a subject area that they are interested in learning. It may also help the person find their career path (such the career path of a doctor). However, if a person, does not attend a university and receive a degree, I believe that this is a fine decision as well.

Just because a person does not have a degree from a university, it does not mean that they are somehow less valuable or intelligent. Some of the most intelligent people that I have met did not have college degrees. I have met many people all over the world who did not and are not interested in getting a college degree and have had and still have fulfilling lives that they should be proud of. Some of them were adventurers and others had their own businesses. Still, others were happy with where they were career-wise and wanted to devote more time to raising their family.   

In conclusion, if you do not end up getting a degree from a university, do not beat yourself up or think that you are somehow unworthy. Your life is your own. However, if you wish to attend a university and pursue a college education, do your best and get the most out of your college experience.