I was able to watch this horror movie made in Norway about Troll Hunters and Trolls called, “The Troll Hunters”. It was presented as though trolls were actual living things and a real camera crew was accompanying a professional troll hunter into the mountains to film trolls. I thought that they did an excellent job of describing the trolls. It was a great movie!

Below are the characteristics of trolls:

1. They can get rabies

2. They leave slimy piss on trees

3. They eat farm animals and people

4. Real trolls will not ask you to have dinner with them like in fairy tales

5. When hunting trolls, you have to wash off in a stream, thoroughly cleaning your groin and under arms and rub troll scent on you, so the trolls won’t run away.

6. Trolls are particularly sensitive to a Christian, even if he has troll scent on him and will try to kill him upon detection. 

7. Trolls can be killed using large amounts of UV light or sunlight.

8. Only old trolls calcify and turn to stone when enough light is shined on them. Younger ones explode.

9. Trolls like to hide their food under bridges and they hide themselves under bridges.

10. There are many types of trolls: 3 headed trolls that walk around in the nude with their dongs and butts showing, pissing, and knawing on everything, trolls with huge noses that live in hordes in caves, and mountain kings that and can get as big as 200 meters tall and swallow a person whole.

11. Trolls are contained by power lines and hidden in the mountains of Norway where officials try to hide their existence and troll hunters attempt to keep them under control.

12. Trolls are mammals that veterinarians can treat for rabies if they get out of control, but they may have to be put down.

13. Trolls only come out at night and live in the wilderness

These are awesome troll characteristics. They did their best to portray these trolls as living creatures in the movie.