I believe that it is amazing that underwear models are able to do what they do despite the risk of being stalked. However, I feel worried and disappointed when I see women posting pictures of themselves online wearing only underwear. Women who do this should not be surprised when people start posting things like, “tits or gtfo”, or “Those look like 2 pancakes nailed to a wall” when they randomly post underwear pictures online. I imagine that people are thinking that this person who posted pictures of themselves wearing only underwear is willing to show off something that they are supposed to wear underclothes, maybe they will show off some other things under their clothes as well.

Posting pictures of oneself only in underwear does seem like a safe thing to do. The internet is not a place where, like in the cultures of many people in Papua New Guinea, women can run around without tops on and if someone tries to touch or mess with the young girl and she screams, it is a death sentence for the guy, and, even there, violence against women and harassment (at times) occurs.