It is said that the 4-leaf clover is a symbol of good luck. Its origin dates back to Biblical times when Eve is said to have carried a 4-leaf clover out of the garden of Eden.

A 4-leaf clover is not the same thing as a shamrock. The shamrock  is a national symbol of Ireland and always has just 3 leaves. Legend says that it was used by Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, to help convert the Celts to Christianity in the 5th century. St. Patrick used the plant to explain the Holy Trinity. He taught that each leaf represented one part of the Trinity.  

In the middle ages, collecting 4-leaf clovers was a popular pastime with children who believed that the 4-leaf clovers allowed them to see fairies. Young adventurers would search for them in fields and forests and, if successful, they would then look for fairies amongst the flowers.

There are many sayings and messages associated with 4-leaf clovers. These are just some of them:

1. If a woman finds a 4-leaf clover and eats it she will soon find her husband to be.

2. If you find a 4-leaf clover and eat it you will have good luck and if you wear it in your shoe, your luck will be even better.

Putting a 4-leaf clover in your shoe or eating your clover are just some examples of things that people have done to get its luck. Today, we have come up with some more creative ways to keep one. Some people laminate it when they find it and use it as a wallet card. Other people dip it in gold and wear it as an amulet. However, if you want a less expensive way to preserve your clover, you can place your clover on a piece of wax paper on an ironing board, lay another piece of wax paper over it, and iron until the wax paper has melted together. Then you can keep it where ever you like.