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The dragon is a mythical beast and a symbol found in many cultures. It may be associated with good luck, fortune and wisdom, or bad luck, elemental evil and heresy. Carl Jung believed that the dragon was a symbol of universal unconscious, since so many cultures have myths associated with the dragon or dragon-like creatures….

Scary Family Lore

http://www.npr.org/2013/10/27/240824786/the-truth-that-creeps-beneath-our-spooky-ghost-stories?utm_content=socialflow&utm_campaign=nprfacebook&utm_source=npr&utm_medium=facebook This is a story done on ghost stories that people have truly believed and have become family lore. There are some very good tales in this article, so, if you want to read a good ghost story, you might want to check it out. After reading this, I’ve decided that I agree with Thomas…