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We are just ordinary people on a hero’s mission, sent by Jesus to spread love throughout the world.

The Beautiful Reason For Wearing a Catholic Veil

It is symbolic of Mary’s fiat and devotion to God. Angels veil in service of God and it is symbolic of the holy work of a woman. https://thecatholiccorner.quora.com/https-qr-ae-pvKKTX

Holy Week

This week Catholics celebrate Holy Week, the time period represented by Jesus entering Jerusalem and being crucified. This is a week filled with emotion and we contemplate Jesus’s acceptance of his suffering in order to fulfill his mission and God’s will in order to save us from death and give us a chance at heaven….

Can You Be A Saint?

Many people wonder if there are any Saints in today’s world. The answer to that question is yes. All believers are called Saints of earth. When we reach heaven, we become Saints of heaven. One needs not be canonized to be a Saint. One simply needs to live a holy life as an instrument of…

Feast of the Epiphany

Happy Feast of the Epiphany (in our diocese) when we celebrate the 3 wise men/kings (Magi from the East, maybe Persia) witnesssed the manifestation of Christ and offered their gifts if gold (for a king), Frankincense (burnt offering for God), and myrrh (used for one would die)! The Magi we led to the place where…

The Meaning of “Tye Twelve Days of Christmas”

The “Twelve Days of Christmas” is an old Carol that symbolizes the teachings of the Catholic Church. It was written in a time when the Catechism was forbidden. https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/resource/55904/the-history-of-the-twelve-days-of-christmas

Tea Lights

I believe that tea lights symbolize how the light of God always burns in a sin-darkened world. They are beautiful tools that can be used for Catholic prayer.