I just saw this awesome Kung Fu film on Netflix. It was about a Sholin Kung Fu master who was an elderly lady that ran a Kung Fu school in the mountains.

Kung Fu grandma was undefeatable until a young lady who was said to have God legs came in, beat Kung Fu Granny in a fight, and took over her Kung Fu school. Kung Fu Granny was devastated, but, with the help of two of her faithful students, she went into the city and got a job as an exotic dancer.

She and her students were a hit until the lady that took over her dojo and two of her students busted into the club and beat them up. Kung Fu Granny did not know what to do and thought that she was too old to do anything about it. She ended up living in a park.

Then, one day, she met a handsome guy who taught her how to play gateball. Another lady at the gateball park was jealous of her because this guy that she liked preferred Kung Fu grandma over her.

At first, Kung Fu grandma lost the gateball game to the jealous lady, but, then, practiced hard using her Kung Fu training to get better at gateball. During the next game, the ball ended up clocking the jealous lady square in the head.

After that, Kung Fu grandma started dating the handsome guy that she liked and having 2 volumes worth of a book that she wrote about her life devoted to erotica with him. After that, the guy discovered that he was in love with her and asked her to marry him. She was ecstatic, but said that she could not marry him until she won back her honor.

Grandma trained long and hard in the mountains and even came up with an original gateball Kung Fu technique to help her defeat God-legs. Finally, when the day came to win back her honor, she defeated God-legs and the young lady became her humble student. Subsequently, Kung Fu grandma married the man that she loved.

Unfortunately, the man that she loved started cheating on her 1 week after they were married. Then, he continued to cheat on her, slapped her, and left her saying that she was not demure enough for him. Kung Fu grandma was crushed, but, in the end, had decided that she had lived a good, full life and that there was nothing that she would change about it. She ended up spending the rest of her days as a respected Kung Fu master.   

This was one of those movies that was so awful that it was funny. It was very vulgar. Kung fu grandma went all out and lived her life to its fullest. I enjoyed watching it.