Recently, I wrote a beautiful book called Yellow and Black Sunflowers: The Collected Love Poems of Krystal Smith. With the help of my sweet husband, who writes computer software, I was able to format and upload the files for my eBook to KDP. It is available for purchase on

The poems in this charming book were written over a period of 22 years. They were inspired by my life experiences related to exploring love in my relationships, family life, relationship with God, exploring the reflection of love in nature, and exploring love as it is found in mankind.

My hope for this book is that it encourages my readers to think about the experiences that they have had with many different kinds of love in their own lives. May they gain an even greater understanding of the majestic depths of love that exist within themselves and in the world.

This is the perfect book for anyone who is looking for a good book of love poetry to either give as a gift for Valentine’s Day or to just keep for themselves when they want to read something that encourages togetherness. It is an excellent reminder that you are important and that love exists for everyone if they believe in it.