I like it when people can be true to themselves and be themselves. I know that, as an adult, people must alter their behaviors depending on the situation that they are in. For example, if that person is a counselor, a teacher, or working in an office, they cannot act the same way they would if they were hanging out with friends on the weekend. It would not be appropriate for their job. However, in other situations, such as spending time with people who are very different from you, I do not believe that a person should alter their behavior to the extent that they are unable to be themselves beyond being generally polite. If a person were to do that they could end up having a lot of people who like them for the wrong reasons and their whole life could become a lie. How would they ever make friends who would like them for who they are? I am not saying that I think that a person should run over other people in order to express their genuine feelings about things, but I believe that it is best for a person to not alter their behavior to the extent that it makes their personality unrecognizable to people who know better including themselves. They should be true to themselves.