Have you ever had that feeling that you were connected to something beyond space and time? What would happen if space and time were gone? I believe that there would be photons. Photons are connected to one another and have the properties of wave-particle duality. However, they are simply the trees, or better yet, the dust, in the forest. Larger things in the universe, like a person’s consciousness would not act like tiny photons because the larger thing would take on properties of its own.

It is difficult to tell exactly what the relationships are between different aspects of the universe, and, our consciousness affects how we are interpret the world around us. The very existence of our consciousness is measured through our interactions with someone else (or some other object). Therefore, in a way, we are also creating our world while we observe it.

Are we like the organelles of a cell in the world? We each have our own means of function, but are still dependent upon the rest of the cell and need resources from it to survive.

It is theorized that the organelles of our cells (such as the mitochondria that provide energy to our cells) were once individual bacteria that became a part of our cells because they have their own DNA. Therefore, if we, like the organelles of a cell, are stewards of the universe, what kind of stewards are we? That is a difficult question to answer, but I hope that we choose to make good purposes for ourselves.